[W] CU-SeeMe and CompuServe

Noel DANJOU (NoelD@msn.com)
Wed, 8 Nov 95 10:44:04 UT


I'd like to know if it is possible to use CU-SeeMe between two members of
CompuServe (I think over MSN is not possible in France for the moment.) ?
If the answer is yes which IP address or DNS to use on each side ? Should we
use our e-mail adress like this 75240.1046@compuserve.com ? Is there special
configuration to do when using PPP instead of direct Internet link ?
TIA for any help about that.

BTW the ADD-X PCTV2 frame grabber board seems to work with CU-SeeMe for
Windows w0.70b1. (I am the guy who wrote the software/driver if you have any
questions about it...) I tried it over a local two computer network with
internal TV tuner (Don't have a cam yet !)