Wed, 8 Nov 95 20:55:38 BST

Hi,Dear Sir:
I meet with a problem,I hope you can help me.
Machine :HP vetra 486/33vl
video card:creative se100
software:windows 3.1 running under 265 color mode
The problem:
I setup a test system,that is
machine1(receive without video card,running under receive mode)
machine2(receive and send ,have video card)
Sun Sparc ( and use IBM's PowerPC AIX to have test,have the same problem)
The link is machine1-to-machine2-to -Sun Spare
Then I start the reflect.
and machine2 connect to SunSparc.
Next machine1 connect to SunSparc,and could receive machine2's video image.
But the time machine1 receive image is not long,from 10 seconds to 2 minutes,
it have an alert:"CU-SeeMe...hmmm may be a problem: "connection time out"
When I have the two machine run under point-to-point mode,the two machine
arn't connect any network,just p2p.there didn't any problem.
I use IBM's PowerPC's AIX to have another test,even the same problem.

I think it may be the reflector 's problem.
The reflector version I used is 4.003B.