QuickCam for PC

Jeffrey Shapiro (JShapiro@psu.edu)
Fri, 08 Sep 1995 09:04:45 -0400

Hello All!

I just joined this mailing list so I appologize if I'm asking an old question.

I help run a million dollar lab funded by the National Science Foundation at
Penn State University. We're giving a very important demonstration of our
facilities and the type of work we do there on Thursday November 16.

Part of the demonstrations will include a demo of how Freshman engineers can
work on team projects with industrial partners. We have lined up several
companies who are on the internet (i.e. NASA) to assist us in a CU-SeeMe
demonstration. We've had MAC connectivitiy using the QuickCam and have just
received a bunch of PC QuickCams.

I understand that the next release of CU-SeeMe will support the QuickCam but
the scheduled release of the Beta is a few days AFTER my demo. Are there
any arrangements that could be made to ftp me a pre-release version that
supports the camera?

Thank You,

Jeff Shapiro, M.S.E.E., PhD Candidate, Penn State University

|Jeff Shapiro jjs117@psu.edu|