Reveal Video Cards and Compatability -Reply

Brandon Winbush (
Mon, 06 Nov 1995 16:25:53 -0600

I don't know of a solution, but I am having the same problem with the
same video card. My PC is a pentium with 16meg of ram, and windows
'95. The error that I receive is "Unsupported function"

>>> Tab O'Neal <> 10/03/95 01:05pm >>>
I've seen alot of messages about Reveal but no real solutions. I use a
VE500 card which has 16 and 24 bit resolution. When i start up
cuseeme it says there's an "incompatable function." I notice that when
the error msg comes up cuseeme is checking the digitze palette. I read
somewhere that cuseeme is 8 bit only. Is that correct? Can the VE500
card be adjusted down the be accepted by cuseeme? Is there a higher
resolution cuseeme in development?

I use a: 486sx33, 8m ram, win95, soundblaster and the ve500.

Thanks, Tab O'Neal