will cu-seeme work with a 14.4k modem over ppp dial up connection?

James Neeley (jneeley@alaska.net)
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 14:12:30 -0900

>From: tommyj <tommyj@silas.cc.monash.edu.au>
>Subject: will cu-seeme work with a 14.4k modem over ppp dial up connection?

>I can run netscape 2.0 in windows95 with a 14.4k modem through a
>ppp dial up connection. But when I run cu-seeme in the same
>environment, I keep getting " no response from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx".
>I have tried all the reflectors that worked in my office(direct
>LAN connection). Would anyone know the possible cause?

Without more information, it is difficult to pinpoint, but I can point you
in a couple of directions. If these do not solve your problems, I invite
you to come to the undernet IRC channel #cu-seeme, where we can match you
with others running it successfully and discuss your particular problems in

CU communicates on a different protocol level that Netscape, specifically
using UDP. A few ISP's and many corporate firewalls have started blocking
this protocol, so you might want to talk to your administrator to ensure
that it is not blocked.

Several people on #cu-seeme are successfully using 14.4 modems, although
others have experienced problems with unreliable connections and the dreaded
"No response" message. I suggest trying some of the less-used university
reflectors, as they are often not as loaded and are usually running. If
you'd like to come on channel, myself or one of the other ops would be
pleased to test a site and have you connect to it right after they do, as a

CUSeeMe runs much more stably on a Win/3.1 platform with 8mb or more of ram,
than with 4. I perceive it has something to do with communication timing,
although this is but a deduction from observed phenomena. I do not know if
8mb is sufficient with Win/95 but if you are borderline with RAM, this can
cause problems. Again, the Win/95 users on channel can share their experience.

In case you are not familiar with the undernet, one such IRC server is

BigJim on IRC.