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On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, William Holmes Jr. wrote:

> Thanks very much to all who responded to my request for help. I haven't
> resolved the problem yet. I do believe that cuseeme is addressing the SCSI
> card some how. Only the powers as Cornell U. and White Pine know if this
> is true. If there was some way to get the source code I could find out and
> correct the problem.
> In my investigation of this problem I did discover that the Windows '95
> drivers for ATI Mach 64 cards turn off the pass-through port on the video
> card. The only driver that will leave the pass-through port operational is
> 640 x 480 16 colors. Well this want cut it with CUSEEME, as CUSEEME
> requires 256 colors. { Nice Work ATI Technologies}
> Now that I have this information how does CUSEEME get it video signal? I
> have no problem using any ATI driver as long as I leave the SCSI card out of
> the system. If and when I do find the problem I will post the answer here.
> If any one else has any other suggestion please let me know.
> Again thanks for you help.
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Just one question: Have you mapped out your current IRQ and DMA
channel's usage? This is what I've had to do. Usually, this is the best
approach to preventing the type of conflicts your receiving.
As for your ATI Mach64 card, I sympathize with you; I also have that
video card (great card). Maybe ATI technologies will upgrade their
processor chip to allow for software programming of the pass-through port???

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