(no subject)

tom morrow (tommi@aksi.net)
Wed, 08 Nov 95 11:52:43 -0800

Greetings from South Florida..

I have a few questions...Maybe some of you can help....

1. I recently spoke to the people who make theConnectix Quick Cam. They
stated to me that there was a new release that would support the camera
in a windows enviroment. Seems like I am reading on some of the web
pages for cu-seeme that it already is supported.. does it now support
it, and what version of the software do I need.

2. When I start cu-seeme, and a video window opens, why does it takes so
long for the complete video image to appear in the window. Most times I
get part picture and part words....in a jig-saw puzzle looking
display...showing a little of each.. I am running a DX80 with 8 meg of
ram (486 of course). I am running the windows version...

Thank you in advance for the replies.