The Power Mac 9500 Blues in G.

Eric C. Cappotto (
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 14:32:57 -0500

Hardware: Power Mac 9500/120, 32mb RAM
Software: MacOS 7.5.2v2, MacTCP 2.0.6, lots of INITs/CDEVs
Target: CU-SeeMe 0.83b3

Dear Sirs:
I have recently been having problems with the latest beta version of
CuSee-Me 0.83b3 ppc, I seem to connect alright to places and everything
works fine, then out of nowhere, I'll get a Type 1 error, or a finder bus
error, then either the mouse will remain moveable but everthing else
freezes up or everthing locks up totally, and I have to re-boot.
I'm using a PM 9500/120,and I've tried using CuSee-Me with virtual memory
on and off and I think my computer crashes about equally with both. Do you
have any suggestions. I love the program and I'm anxious to get it running
properly. I should mention, that some times it works flawlessly and others
I may crash several times. Is it possible that certain sites are more prone
to this type of thing?
I should also mention, I am using MacTcp 2.0.6, a ppp connection, and I
have upgraded (?) to open transport 1.0.8, and then removed the 2 Internet
Lib files as suggested in previous postings.
Anyway, any advice would be great, I can be reached at the below E-Mail
address, or via this list.
Thank You,
Eric Cappotto