Re: Talk window in CUSeeMe

Chuck Elliot (
Thu, 09 Nov 1995 13:02:24 -0500

NB: the scrolling etc does not work on PC versions.

>On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, Jim Gelcer wrote:
>> How can I plug a Talk module into CUSeeMe? Does such a beast exist?
>> I ask because I've been online and somebody will say "Open your Talk
>> window", but I can't find it. What software are THEY using?
>Click on your video window and start typing... Use the delete key to
>erase from the end of the line. Use the left arrow key to start it
>scrolling. Use the right arrow to stop the scrolling. Use the up and down
>arrows to move the line to the top or bottom of the video window
>(respectively). This all assumes, of course, that you have a video window...
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