Cu See Me Help (PC)

Roderic Dohleman (
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 17:57:57 -0800

Hi there,

I am running the 'new' White Pine Alpha version for the PC.

Am I alone in that I get GPF errors when running the software?

It seems the only time the software crashes (under Windows 95) is when I am
connected to a reflector.

When connected to an single IP there is no problems.

In addtion, does anyone know the best settings for the options?
(Transmission,Reception,Picture etc)

I am interested in the changle tolerance and refresh intercal. It seems the
values are all the same. I mean that if you set the Max/Min rates on
transmission it is also the same as the change tolerance and refresh
interval value.

In addition, often when connected to a bust reflector that I'll be connected
just fine then things slow down, stop or the reflector says " sorry we are
full - try again later " even if I am connected alreay. What's the deal???

Help please!



Compaq Elite 40/CX, 12 meg running windows 95.
Quickcam Camera connected to Parallel port.
PPP connection at 28.8kps