RE: CU-SeeMe via ATI Mach64

Sgt Daniel W. Erskine (
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 08:42:22 -0600 (CST)

>>1. Does your capture board use ATI Mach64's feature connector?
< Well...My cpature card jumpers into the ATI Mach64 card using a cable
< connector from the video capture (Vidiola) to the ATI card.

>>2. If not, are you using a parallel port, separate card, etc?
< No paralled port, but a separate video capture card which has
< a camera connected to it.

>>3. Do you have the "msvideo.drv" and the "msavi.drv" drivers
>>loaded through your "Control Panel (Drivers)" section?
< Not sure I'll check!

>>4. If these drivers are installed, does your capture card
produce or capture video data properly (aside from using CU-SeeMe)?
< Yes! Without CU-SeeMe, using the software that came with the capture
< card I can see video! That looks promising, So I feel I am on the right
< track. But in CU-SeeMe, I only get static and I don't know why? Also
< I must be in VGA mode to get this to work.... Any ideas.....?

>>5. If not, check with your product vendor for configuration issues.
< Done.

Reference 1: Notice that your capture card is "jumpered" into you ATI
Mach64 graphics accelerator card ( BIG NO-NO ! ), that's the feature
connector (odd row of pins w/ ribbon cable). ATI Mach64 has a problem
with recognizing the feature connector at resolutions past 640*480*16 colors.

Reference 2: Self-explanatory (connection via internal expansion card)

Reference 3: Chances are that you do have these drivers installed (as
per reference #4)

Reference 4: Self-explanatory (works aside from CU-SeeMe. BIG PLUS!)

Reference 5: What was your vendor's response? Hopefully they were
helpfull, but chances are that they were CLUELESS!!! They don't seem to
inclined to support software of CU-SeeMe's nature; being that it's not

Try setting your windows resolution to 640*480*16 colors, test your
interface, then try 640*480*256 colors and test your interface again.
CU-SeeMe should be ran in 256 color mode and may have problems w/ 16 colors.
Your ATI card may not display your video output at 256 colors, but
should be able to in 16 color mode (catch-22, ain't it?!?!?)

Good luck, Mr. Ward, we'll all (ATI customers) need it!!!

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