Win95: white pine or cornell?

Christopher Ryan Sidi (
Thu, 9 Nov 1995 14:48:03 -0500 (EST)

Am I right in thinking there are both cornell and white pine
version of cu-seeme available for free? Can anyone recommend a particular
version number for win95?


If you're about recommend 70b1, I currently have
CU-SeeMe for Windows V0.70b1 from cornell and it never connects to a
reflector (No response from...) I'm pretty sure at least one reflector
I've tried is up. I was using the IP numbers...can we use the names
instead? I have used CU-SeeMe on mac and win3.1 before (different computer,
I installed cu-seeme). I am on dorm ethernet...The firewall (only for sun
mounting commands?) does not affect cu-seeme, I'm pretty sure. I'm not
sending video...
Can someone tell me how to use the error log to find out what's wrong?

What are some common problems in not connecting to a site?

Chris Sidi

*TI 4000m notebook w/ SCSI (but no devices hooked up) 8megs
*3COM Etherlink III pcmcia network card
*Win95 w/ TCP/IP configured, also have netBEUI, IPX checked on (don't use)
*audio is media vision/jazz video in. (may get quickcam soon)

P.S. Probably un-related to my CU-SeeMe problems, Win95 seems to lose the
network connection after an hour (or maybe it's a matter of inactivity) and
doesn't tell me...How can I get win95/winsock to try to re-connect to the
network without re-booting?
Besides these two problems, my ethernet connect is lovely...and I
love streamworks ( - much better than real-audio as far
as sound quality.