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Jerod Clabaugh (nemesis@ucla.edu)
Mon, 25 Sep 95 13:17:11 -0100

I have installed CU-SeeMe v.0.83b3 and am using a QuickCam on a
Macintosh 636(68k). I have no problems sending video or receiving
audio. I haven't hooked up with someone to see if I can receive video
yet, but my problem is I CAN'T send audio. I have tried to adjust and
make sure all is set right on the audio window, audio pull-down on the
main window and in my Sound Control panel to no avail. In addition,
using a PLAINTALK mic in conjunction with the QUICKCAM allows me to send
audio but the feedback level is unbearable and I haven't found a way
through adjustment to stop this. My slide bar indicates that the mic is
picking up sound and I can record alert sounds with just the QuickCam
mic but it doesn't send over the net?

I am desperate to get this up-n-running because I am setting it up for a
graduate seminar series at UCLA.

Thanks in advance for you input,

Jerod Clabaugh