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Brian O'Shea (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 10:35:59 -0500

>In trying to connect to a demonstration from the Seattle library system
>today it kept telling to that they were using conference ID 0 please
>change my conference ID. If was already set at zero. I went back and
>forth with this but never could connect using ID 0. During a trial run
>with the same conference last night it worked fine. I even took CU
>preferenced out of the systems folder and started anew but same thing.
>the only thing I can think is that they either weren't hooked up right
>or they weren't using conference 0. Any suggestions? By the way
>congradulations on your wonderful program.

I bet the message was a lie. :-) The reflector is the one that sent that
message, and it's just a string. The "default" configuration for the
reflector has a line in the configuration file as follows:

CONF-ID 0 We are using a conference ID of 0, please change your conference id.

The first 0 is the conference id, and the rest of the line is what gets sent
if you connect with the wrong conference id. If someone edited the
configuration file and changed the conference id, without changing the
message, you would get the exact behavior you describe.


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