RE: [W] CU-SeeMe and CompuServe

Barry L. Lankford (
Fri, 10 Nov 95 07:18:09 CST

Noel wrote:
>Thanks Andrew, Derek and Rogere for your replies.
>So dynamic IP addresses are not really cool :-(
>If someone wants to try a PPP and CU-SeeMe one day please e-mail me. TIA.
>Does someone know a tool that could give the IP address of any people on the
>net ? (because sending our own dynamic IP address before running CU-SeeMe is
>not really easy with only one phone line !)
>Configuration for now :
>DX2/66 32MB RAM
>14.4k modem
>Windows 95 and RAS (for CompuServe)
>>From France


Unfortunately dynamic IP numbers are becoming a necessary way of life as
the number of dialup users of the Internet grows, but there are a couple
of admittedly inconvenient ways around the difficulties without resorting
to making a (voice) phone call:

If your Internet access provider provides a shell account for your use on
one of their machines and also provides a "finger" server, there is a
program called "here" (which is available in a 32-bit version for Win95
users) which will, I believe, automatically put a ".plan" file in your shell
account's directory upon dialup to your SLIP/PPP service containing your
currently assigned IP number. I say "I believe" because I haven't actually
gotten around to trying it myself as I still have, for the moment, a fixed
IP number so I'm just repeating what I've heard from others. The purpose
of doing this is that others can finger you at "" and they
will get a message that includes your current IP number.

The following site has a ZIP file with both the 16 bit and 32 bit versions:

Another place that has "here" along with a lot of other cool software:

I don't know how well this works, but I hope it works well because I've
heard that my ISP may eventually switch us fixed IP users over to dynamic
IP numbers. Let us know if it works for you.

Another approach if a finger server is not available to you, would be to
e-mail (immediately upon logon) your currently assigned IP number to the
person with whom you wish to connect. By prearrangement the other party
would need to know to check his mail prior to trying to contact you.

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