Re: Connecting from Win95 to reflector

Chris Sidi *A man with a passion to create* (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:40:33 -0500 (EST)

[snip Win95 troubles]

Me too! I'm not trying to add noise to the mailing list, just letting
the programmers know know that Win95 users are having trouble.

I have not tried IP to IP yet, but reflectors never respond to me. I've
tried with white pine and cornell windows .??b1 I chose to make a
cuseeme.000 for white pine to use (2nd option)...

*TI 4000M notebook w/ SCSI (no devices) 8megs
*Win95 w/ TCP/IP (also enabled netBEUI and IPX)
*no video capture/quickcam
*media vision jazz 16 audio built in
*3Com network card

Chris Sidi

P.S. It's possible I forgot a step, but 1) the white pines and cornell
version act just the same (No response from...) 2) I've gotten CU-SeeMe
running on macs and win3.1 machines before.