Re: Pentium (R) Pro processor press release (fwd) -Reply

Samuel A. Gray III (
Fri, 10 Nov 1995 21:09:54 -0500

Right now the Pentium-120Mhz chip runs the PCI bus at 60mhz. The
Pentium-133Mhz chip runs the bus at 66Mhz, and the new Pentium-150Mhz chip
will run the bus at 60Mhz again being a clock 2.5x designed chip. Also I saw a
motherboard on one of the pages of the WWW, don't know it off hand, but this
site is where you can pick your own pieces and build a machine. It was a
"Pentium" designed motherboard that would accept 20NS memory in MAIN MEMORY,
and not just as a cache. The real interesting part was that the 20Ns memory
they offered didn't cost that much more than the 70ns memory!

I'm sure someone's already replied to this disinformation-
the pci bus speed is 33Mhz. Regardless of the CPU.

It will probably stay at 33Mhz and 32 bits untill IEEE figures out how to
double either and maintain compatibility with current PCI cards and computer
designs. MacWorld had an article on this recently, there are a few other issues
to consider like EMI, component cost & availability, bus voltages. Of course,
this doesn't mean that some vendor can't pump up their own version of pci.

Also, I seriously doubt you can find a legitimate source for 20ns RAM that's
priced close to the 70ns RAM you can buy through most computer stores. In
general beware, more and more stolen equipment is being sold each day-if it
seems like a real steal, it probably is.

A little knowledge...

ps this is way off the subject for a list about a 10kb-80kb video app...unless
you're trying to build a reflector for 20,000 people and 132Mbytes/sec isn't
enough bandwidth for you...

Now, if I could send out 15-30 fps with cuseeme that'd be a challenge for a pc,
wouldn't it?

But I'd really like to see a reflector for NT/AS or Novell, that's