Prob: Disconnect does not work :(

Ulrich G. Kliegis (
Sat, 11 Nov 1995 21:41:57 +100

Hi there,
do you know this problem / what am I doing wrong?

I have a 14.4k connect. Receiving and sending with CU-SeeMe does work
very well regarding the relatively limited bandwidth.

But when I want to finish a session at a reflector site and even have
the immodest wish to close my Winsock connect to my provider, I run
into trouble.

I click DISCONNECT. Great, the CU - control window says Disconnecting
from ... But (I have an external modem allowing me to watch the
siganl LEDs) the modem keeps sending and receiving CU data. Only when
I click connect AND a new site name, the data stream stops - nope,
not yet - after a few seconds the same old conference I just
disconnected from reappears.

All other IP - functions work well, to exclude some serious
misfunction of my connectivity environment here.

Any hints?


Ulrich G. Kliegis
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