Screening reflector sites (software developers, pls read!)

Ulrich G. Kliegis (
Sat, 11 Nov 1995 21:31:43 +100

OK, here is an idea for some useful new utility:

First, we had only two or three reflector sites, constantly
overcrowded, but somewhen we got in.

Today, the sites are becoming more widespread, they diversify in
their subjects from edutcation / scientific to very private / erotic
(I appreciate both, well, all kinds of offerings for bringing people
in contact; nope, don't say it does not replace personal contact,
sure, but it is a new, different quality of global communication.)

So, what is my idea:

Using CU-SeeMe to poll each and every interesting site for meetings
and videoconferences is not only time consuming but even a total
waste of time. We should daddy's little helpers (aka computers) have
do the job. It should not be too difficult to set up some screening
program that reports constantly what sites (out of a given
collection, say, an area, a special topic, etc.) is active and
visited by more than some lurkers.

I imagine this to be something like the autotuning function of a
radio, with the difference that you get
(a) a table of active reflectors
(b) a listing of their contents.

The output could look like the surface that some Archie programs
have, or similar.

I would like to see some discussion of this, and if the echo is
positive, also some development in this direction.


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