Re: CuSeeMe and SLIRP/TIA

Cliff Perry (
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 09:54:52 -0800 (PST)

Hi Bill! Thanks for the help/info regarding TIA (doesn't work) and
SLIRP (does work) with CUSEEME. I'm at least able to hook up to reflectors
and get pics back over NETCOM/Slirp w/28.8 modem (although I may only really
be hooked at 14.4).

Anyway, I've been trying like mad to hook up a video camera and am waiting
(due out next week) for video drivers for my video capture card (JOVIAN
QuickVia card) for use with CUSEEME. I'm also using the White Pine alpha
version. However, to date, I've never even heard "static" from any site,
let alone voice. Is it true that the PC versions available:
1. Don't have a typing window and,
2. Don't support sound (yet) ????

If so, why bother with this stuff if you can't communicate??

Any additional info would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks again for your

Cliff Perry
County of Los Angeles