negative video display

Michael Bradshaw (
Sun, 12 Nov 95 10:39:35 -0500


I am using CU-SeeMe on a Panasonic CF-V21P laptop with an active color
matrix screen. The unit is a 486DX/75. I have installed a Quadrant PCMCIA
Cardcam video board. (15fps) It supports color also. When using regular
video capture, the display window shows normal black and white images.
This is also the case when I connect to reflector sites and view other
video transmissions. My problem is that my local CU-SeeMe screen is
always displayed as a negative image.(black and white tones reversed).
When I connect to my own machine to test, the image I see is also
negative. I have set the video up for 8-bit palletized, black and white.
I have also experimented with 256 gray scale settings to no avail. Any
ideas on what is happening and how I might fix it? I don't know what
others are seeing when I transmit video.

Thanks for any input you may have.

PS: I think CU-SeeMe is the greatest thing since WEB Browsers. Really
nice work. Thank You.