Re: Diamond Video card compatibility
Mon, 13 Nov 95 10:39:53 PST

Yes do like I did and send your diamond board back.. they have no
plans on supporting the other method that Video For windows uses to
caputer with, (it supports two methods one called overlay and the
other I forget what it is called). Plus I upgraded to 95 and they
said beta drivers maybe in Dec. All in all very unresponsive, which
is unfortunate because it captures under win31 with specilized
software just fantastic.

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Subject: Diamond Video card compatibility
Author: at ww-internet
Date: 11/10/95 9:12 AM

Anyone else out there have any experience trying to use CU SeeME with a Diamond
Stealth64 Video
board? I just bought it and I can watch the images just fine, but in
transmission, CU does not
like to recognize my card. Any suggestions from anyone out there?