Re: "Never Can Say Good-Bye"

Luc Volders (
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 21:44:20 +0100

Eric wrote:

>I'm having a problem hanging up from some Reflectors also. I go to
>disconnect, and all of a sudden, I'm right back on the same reflector, I
>just tryed to disconnect from. Is there any way around this.
>I'm using a Mac PPC.

And so did several others write.

My experiences were the same until I found what was happening.

If you have your local video window open (on the mac that is), and choose
disconnect from the menu the computer tell's you that you are disconnected.
But in the local video window you can see that there are still data streams
coming in.
So the program tell's you that you are disconnected but you really aren't.

Now just wait till the stream is back at 0 kps, than you are really
disconnected and can safely connect to a different reflector.
As I am on a modem this will typically take 5 to 20 seconds.


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