Re: PC QuickCam not working w/cuseeme

David O. Bundy (
Tue, 14 Nov 1995 01:53:08 -0500

The problem is that it does not recognize subscripts in the system.ini
file yet so the entry that is assigned to:

msvideo: quickcam.drv

will work but not

msvideo1: quickcam.drv

What I do for now is comment out the device I don't want to use and
set the one I do want to use to the msvideo: option eg:

; msvideo: some.drv
msvideo: quickcam.drv

we are working on allowing you to sellect from a list of video choices like the
audio device which will be in our Comercial Beta and Release...

Dave B.

>>I just hooked up a QuickCam to my PC and it is not recognized by my CuSeeMe
>>program. I am still seeing video from by Video Spigot capture board. The
>>only reference in QuickCam manual is about video drivers?
>I found out if you have more then one video source installed in your pc,
>will automatically use the last driver accessed, as you are not stating the
>'operating system' you are using I cannot tell you exactly how to select
>the proper driver, but just running the Connectix software prior to CuSeeMe
>will normally do the trick.
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