Video problem

Thomas A. Brogan (
Tue, 14 Nov 1995 07:22:27 -0800

I have a small problem with my video pop-up window. I am trying to get
NASA TV. But the 8x8 blocks of pixels come in slow, although it looks
as if the data is coming in fast. I never get a full image, many
blocks remain greyed out. Does anyone else have this happen? My
service provider is Netcom. I am using the winsock.dll that came with
the Netcom software. I've tried using Trumpet Winsock, but I don't
think it likes the fact that my IP address is allocated dynamically.
I'm not even sure that is the problem. Anyway, here's my system:
CPU: 486dx40
RAM: 4Mb
Video: Horizon 64
OS: MS-DOS6.2/Win3.1
Modem: US Robotics 14.4
Any help will be greatly appriciated! Thanks.