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Frank D. Granshaw (artemis@teleport.com)
Wed, 15 Nov 95 00:22:29 0800

Hi Folks:

I am faculty at a community college in Portland Oregon. Just today
several of us at the college tried communicating with C-U see me 0.70
using two Mac 660AV's, standard camcorders, and the school's network.
We we able to pass video back and forth flawlessy, however, we were not
able to transmitt or receive audio. According to C-U See Me's audio
window our microphone's were working. Is there a trick to this. I look
forward to your reply.

Thanks much
Frank D. Granshaw
Portland Community College --- fgrandsh@zeus.cc.pcc.edu
Artemis Science Curriculum and Software ----- Artemis@teleport.com