First; problems :-)

Espen Lyngaas (
Tue, 14 Nov 1995 23:19:09 GMT

I was a regular CU-SeeMe user about one year ago, but now I've moved and
installed an new operating system, and I just can't get things to work.

ANY help is appreciated!

I have:
Windows 95 (Release)
Creative Labs Video Blaster
Always the latest version of CU-SeeMe
Diamond Stealth SE PCI (At 640x480x16 or 256 colors)

I've installed the Video Blaster software so that it works (in 640x480 16
colors or 640x480x256 colors)

The MSVIDEO.DLL file is copied to \WINDOWS\SYSTEM according to the CU-SeeMe
documentation (I seem to remember there was something else that had to be
done at this point. Something about manually adding something to SYSTEM.INI ?)

When CU-SeeMe starts, the Video Format and Video Source selections are
grey'ed out. I can see other people, and transfer audio back and forth.

I do not have MS-Video for Windows (at least not very new), but according to
the documentation, I need only the MSVIDEO.DLL that comes with CU-SeeMe.
Playing MS-Video for Windows (.avi files) works fine.

The problem might be that my old Video Blaster no longer is supported. Again
- it was supported about a year ago, but I can't find the exact model in the
compatability list. Mine does not have a model number, it's simply called
Video Blaster.