Re: CU-SeeMe settings for modem usage

Bill Neisius (
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 08:40:04 -0800 (PST)

> Keep refresh rate value at 100 but set change tolerance as high as
> possible without getting too many "dirt-spots" at the trailing side
> of a moving edge. A lower value causes more of the picture to be
> updated for each frame and that means a lower frame rate. In my case
> a value of 34 is acceptable and 36 will give too much dirt. The optimum
> value is dependent of how much noise the video signal has.

Unfortunately, on the PC version (1.0a1.1) the 'Refresh Interval'
is somehow cross-linked to the 'Max Kbits/sec' transmission setting...
and the 'Change Tolerance' is really the 'Min Kbits/sec'... so
it's not possible to change the 'Compression' values.

> If you are using CU-SeeMe for Mac ver 0.83b3 the set Min Cap to 10,
> Max Cap to 26 if your connection actually gets a 28800 speed, else
> to 24 if you get 26400 speed. Set Mac Cap w/out audio to the same
> value.

Running on a PC with a slirp connection to Netcom, I found that if I
set the Max Kbits/sec much above 20, the connection would 'saturate'
and the video would lock up... the Tcpmeter would show maximum
out-bound packets, but the video would be frozen. Setting it to 20 or
less seems to work best... (although the kbps reported at the bottom of
the window is often 23 kbps or higher)

Bill Neisius