CU-SEEME & the Web

Ori Behar (
Wed, 15 Nov 95 16:39:02 EST


I have a couple of questions. I remember reading a document somewhere, on
how to spawn the CU-SEEME viewer from a web page (by creating a .cu file...)
-But I can't seem to remember where that document is... If anybody has it, I
would appreciate it being sent over (or posted somewhere) or if you have the
address where it's located, that's even better...

I did create some .cu files, and got connected... But ever since I added the
mime type to my web server (not browser!) I've been having major problems
with spawning the viewer. And the weird thing is that it worked before I
added that mime type. (Now that I've removed it from the server, it still
doesn't work...)

Another question that I have is not quite the CU-SEEME topic, but it
concerns a situation that evolved from putting the CU-SEEME link on my web
page. Once Netscape tried to figure out the mime type, it automatically
initialized it as an octet-stream, and now I have 2 mime types for CU-SEEME.

My last question is regarding CU-SEEME on the PC side (I use both Mac & PC).
I thought I read in the documentation that the screen sizing (160x120 or
320x240) is available on the PC as well... I'm running on a Pentium 133MHz,
32Meg RAM with an S3 video board 2Meg RAM, running Windows NT. Every time I
click on the "maximize" button of my video screen, the screen shrinks into
this tiny 160x3 (!!!) screen. Is it possible to view in 320x240? (On the Mac
it works fine...)

Oh, one more thing. Is there anything being developed or already developed
as far as video conference (and even if it's only one sided...) to connect
to any Unix environment video conferencing system? -I hear a lot of talk
about MBone, NV, etc. but no detailed explanation of how the whole thing
works, and which protocols are being used for cross platform communications,

Any help, hints, directions to sources of information will be greatly
appreciated! You can either e-mail me ( or if you feel
it's appropiate, post it here...

Thanks in advance.