Firewalls and CuSeeMe

Johan Stokman (
Wed, 15 Nov 1995 23:15:58 -0600

Like many others on this mailing list, I am behind a firewall,
To use CuSeeMe, I have to use a dialup ppp acount, If I put a reflector in the
firewall machine, I can send/receive from any machine behind the firewall. I can
deny access to anybody trying to get on MY reflector using refmon and it
would be absolutely GREAT if I could use refmon or any other tool to initiate a
a conection from the reflector to another reflector or user, without going
thru the 'change configuration, restart' sequence. or making a phone call
asking someone to start a session. Should not be too hard....if you need any
help to
implement, just let us know