DanT2 (
Thu, 16 Nov 95 03:18:08 -0800

I have been using CuSeeMe for about a week. I have been having problems with
recieving video and audio. Video is extremely slow or not at all (most of the
time not at all). Every once and a while, I get fluid motion but it slows to
nothing. Audio comes in as pops and clicks and an occasional partial word.

My problems got worse yesterday. I was fooling with different versions including
yours and the alpha version from White Pine. Anyway, I did something and had to
reinstall the alpha version. This seemed to go normally except, when I tried to run
CuSeeMe.exe, all I could get was a GPF in copyprot.dll. It appeared to be a copy
portect even though I had a serial number. I finally gave up on that version,
downloaded yours again and reinstalled it. All seemed normal when installing but,
when I tried to run, all I get was a GPF in module Cuseeme.exe at 0001:e49f. I
erased and reinstalled several time but continued to have the same problem. It
worked before so All I could figure was that the alpha version did something
somewhere. I sure don't know what it can be. Can anyone help?

My equipment is as follows: Pent 90, ATI Graphics Expression, Zoom 28.8, and
Watchit TV Pro.