Question of association with multiple boards

Mike Doukas (
Thu, 16 Nov 95 16:32:40 -800

I Have A pentium 100 Mhz system with 16 megs of ram and 1.5 gigs of hard
of hard drive. I am running 28.8 on a slip/pp account and can recieve
just fine. My problem is I have a REVEL VE500 Video capture board
i use for non-linear vido capture and editing. When I added the Quick cam
Quivkcam it works fine alone, however CUSEEME does not
see it and only sees the VE500 whic is not compatable.
Both CUSEEME and the quickcam work fine independent of each other
but dont seem to see each other, So i get the Hummm. Error..unsupported device

Q> How can I get CUSEEME to find the quickcam?...BTW..Excellent
piece of software for the public..I hope some of my tax dollars are
helping to pay for this product