UDP socket error with CU-SeeMe for Win

Frank O'Donnell (frank@jplpio.jpl.nasa.gov)
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 12:36:09 -0800

Today I downloaded and attempted to install and run
CU-SeeMe on my Pentium PC under Windows for Workgroups
3.11 using the Novell LAN Workplace winsock. We're on
an Ethernet network with an Internet connection via a
T1; I'm set up with a local DNS machine and have no
problem running net clients like Netscape, etc.

After unzipping the CU-SeeMe client and moving the dll's
to the windows directory, I double-clicked to launch
the program and got a box with this error:

Error creating UDP socket (10055)

Now, my net.cfg file for LAN Workplace has a statement
of "tcp_sockets 32" but nothing explicit on UDP.
Do I need to add something to support the creation of
UDP sockets?

Thanks much,