"Gethostbyname() failed (11004)" message

ron rosano (rosano@well.com)
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 22:51:00 -0800

help me help me . . . .

I'm attempting to run Cuseeme ver W0.7b1 at work (under Win 3.1) and at home
(with Win 95), both with Netmanage Chameleon sampler and a SLIP connection
through Sirius, a local ISP. Both machines give the same error message at
startup: Gethostbyname() failed (11004). I've checked the help file and
followed those directions carefully; I've also read the FAQ and README files.

I have a text file named HOSTS in my path and in my winsock directory; I've
even tried duplicatiing it in many directories/folders. The HOSTS file
contains Sirius' IP address as directed. Sirius uses dynamic IP addressing
- I even tried running Chameleon with a log file and entering that session's
IP address in HOSTS, but I'm still getting the same message. Netscape
(0.96B and 1.1), Eudora, FTP, and usenet reader WinVn all connect without
problems. Any suggestions?

Muchas Gracias,

Ron Rosano (rosano@well.com)