What's happening on the line if there is nothing?

Ulrich G. Kliegis (Ulrich.Kliegis@kiel.netsurf.de)
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 14:09:09 +100

Cryptic question in the subject, yes, I could also have called it sex
and data lurkers to catch your attention.

What puzzles me a bit is this:
When running CU - SeeMe on my machine and nothing else, there are
situations where no video data is transmitted. No sender, I don't
send either, but some lurkers in the participant list.

When I watch the LEDs on my modem, I observe heavy data traffic both
in- and outgoing from time to time. This extends from short blobs to
some seconds. And now and then, the hard disk works for some seconds.
The latter my be attributed to some caching program running in the
system background (I talk about a PC).

My question: Is my computer vulnerable to intruders while connected
to a reflector site? Or does CU ... fence off any attempt to go
beyond its own borders.

Here is another phenomenon I observed more than once:

After disconnecting from a site, the CU - control window informs me
that I am connected to an IP number I never entered. Is this an
indication that someone connected to my address directly? I find that
number again later on in the Connect - list.

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overlook your answer in the Tsunami of list messages:)=


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