CUSeeMe and Windows NT

Wayne Wall (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 08:31:34 -0800

I'm new to the list, so I apologize if this issue is old hat. I'm running
Windows NT (3.51) and would like to get a video capture card that will work
with CUSeeME. Capture card drivers that work under Win3.1 and Win95 do
_not_ necessarily work under Windows NT (in fact, most don't). The only
video capture drivers that are on the NT 3.51 distribution CD are for the
Truevision Bravado and the Video Spigot. I don't think these boards are
manufactured new anymore, but I'd consider getting a used one if I have no
other choice. I'd prefer a PCI card, but do have an ISA slot available.

I know the Connectix QuickCam is the hottest thing going in CUSeeMe circles
these days. I already called them and they said they're working on an NT
driver and hope to have it ready by the first of the year. However, I'm
really looking for a card that allows me to feed in my vidcam NTSC signal
and capture still frames, as well as work with CUSeeMe.

Is anyone out there running CUSeeMe with NT? Any info, pitfalls, etc., would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Wayne Wall