Re: What's Happening?

Johan Stokman (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 11:37:34 -0600

>From: Andrew McLaughlin / Info Sys Group <>
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>Subject: Re: What's Happening?
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>On Tue, 14 Nov 1995 wrote:
>> Every once in a while I'm on a reflector and it bumps me off saying that it's
>> full. Why doesn't it just not let others on instead of bumping everyone off?
>I've seen that happen when I was on in lurk mode. If I went back on with
>my video feeds back on, it would kick me out shortly after switching to
>lurk mode...

This is a result of the reflector configuration, where some 'ip' addresses can
be made more 'equal' then others, in other words, if I'm more equal then you
and I connect you get bumped, great feature though. Hope this helps,
PS Even if you don't run a reflector, read the info that comes with it, you
learn something.