Re: IP Addresses

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Sun, 19 Nov 1995 17:04:48 +0100

At 14:05 17-11-95 -0800, Barbara M. Gleason wrote:
>How do we find out the IP addresses? For instance, my son is on AOL. If I
>use his email code, will that convert to an IP address? I noticed one
>message here that said you could use an email code, he listed it, but used
>a "." instead of "@" that the secret? Would my email is
> Does that mean my IP code would be ""???
>Thanks for any advice and I am dying to try a one-to-one connection before
>I venture into the world of reflectors!

Dear Barbara,
No you can't use the e-mail address. Replacing the @ with a point
will only work in some institutions. My PC is called pc-ia184, if the system
manager had called it "avelon" then my PC would be in
stead of and there are just a few network managers who
work like that.
AOL is different. They have only a small number of IPs and you get
which ever one is free each time. Using the reflectors is easier at the
moment for the PC version of CU-See-Me, and even more so if one or other of
you does not have a fixed IP.
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