Future platforms, a ?

Bill Trenko (billt@sydney.sgi.com)
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 12:56:26 -0500


I've read the CU-SEEME web pages and I think I'm pretty much across the
philosophy of why CU-SEEME was primarily developed, to quote: "... real-time
videoconferencing ... with available, affordable hardware" (with emphasis on
the affordability angle, no doubt!).

However, the question has been put to me by a customer of ours about the
availability of CU-SeeMe for platforms other than Macintosh or Windows. Please
excuse my introducing a strictly commercial thread into this group, but can
anybody tell me if future plans for CU-SeeMe include a version for Unix and
X-Windows platforms? If so, what are those plans and their associated
approximate dates? Again, if this question is inappropriate for the group,
please accept my apologies.

Thanks in advance, BT.

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