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Luc Volders (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 09:32:46 +0100

On 19-11 Brad wrote:

>I would like to know if I can use an ordinary video camera with my LC630..
>I have the turner card that allows me to input cable tv and also it has rca
>jacks on the back to inport a vcr video source or camera...please advise


Yes you can. I have a performa 630AV with the same AV card.
Just plug a cam in the RCA jackets and set the Aplle video Player software
to eaacept input from the video source.
That's all.
CU will work fine with this setup but you will have to use version
0.83b2 or higher. This was the first version to work with the Performa 630AV.


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