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Roderic Dohleman (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 01:41:26 -0800

Hey Sue,

The information about a 'switchbox' pertains to a PC based system.


There is a device called the ' port juggler' that will do the "switching"

Any MAJOR MAC warehouse has the product at hand.

Just know, I had a friend that had a LOT of problems with the 'jugler' and
Quark Express.

Keep that in mind.


At 08:44 AM 11/18/95 -0600, Sue Fawcett wrote:
>I have a Mac Performa 630CD with the modem and printer ports used by a
>modem and printer (obviously). I recently purchased a Quickcam, which
>must be used either by the printer or modem port; the Quickcam manual
>indicates that a switchbox of some sort can be purchased which allows
>toggling between the modem and Quickcam or printer and Quickcam if a
>serial port is unavailable. What are other Macintosh users doing in this
>case? (I can't imagine the alternative, which is plugging and unplugging the
>printer and Quickcam for port sharing, on a long-term basis). Is there a
>viable, low-cost switchbox of some sort on the market for the Macintosh?
>Sue Fawcett
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