[M] Re: Serial ports

Steven Taubman (sjt@GFDL.GOV)
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 10:23:29 -0500 (EST)

I have a MacIIsi, a QuickCam and an A/B switchbox for my printer serial
port that was intended to be used for the QuickCam and printer (an
old HP Deskwriter).... and you will be horrified to hear, no doubt, that
I have been unable to use the switchbox and must plug and unplug the
QuickCam and printer in order to switch (just a little annoying considering
how long it takes to restart a IIsi thats loaded with extensions). Anyway,
when I first purchased the switchbox it worked for a couple of weeks and
then just stopped working (neither the printer nor the QuickCam work when
plugged in through the switchbox). Thinking that the switchbox and/or
cables might be bad I tried different switchboxes and cables, but to no
avail. Thinking that something might be wrong with my IIsi (other than the
fact that its a IIsi ;-) ) I took it in for diagnostics only to be told
nothing was wrong with it. The only somewhat reasonable answer I have had
is that sometimes switchboxes work and sometimes they don't... not very
helpful. So the only thing you can do is purchase one and hope it works
with your hardware configuration....anyone out there have any suggestions
as to what I can do?


>Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 08:44:06 -0600 (CST)
>From: Sue Fawcett <sfawce@fiat.gslis.utexas.edu>
>To: CU-SeeMe-L@cornell.edu
>Subject: Serial Ports
>Message-ID: <Pine.HPP.3.91.951118083831.12760A-100000@lexus.gslis.utexas.edu>
>I have a Mac Performa 630CD with the modem and printer ports used by a
>modem and printer (obviously). I recently purchased a Quickcam, which
>must be used either by the printer or modem port; the Quickcam manual
>indicates that a switchbox of some sort can be purchased which allows
>toggling between the modem and Quickcam or printer and Quickcam if a
>serial port is unavailable. What are other Macintosh users doing in this
>case? (I can't imagine the alternative, which is plugging and unplugging the
>printer and Quickcam for port sharing, on a long-term basis). Is there a
>viable, low-cost switchbox of some sort on the market for the Macintosh?

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