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>Date: Sun, 19 Nov 95 08:01:27 0000
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> When I down load the software cu seeme i get a meesage that net scape
>can not open the program because it can't find the application Mac
>BiinaryII+. I am obviously not very computer literate but trying. What
>am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help

In your Netscape preferences, look at what you have defined in your
helper applications for "mac-binhex40" "x-macbinary" or look in the same
place for anything that mentions "BinaryII+" and change it to whatever
you use to uncompress your binary & Hqx files. OR go and surf the net for
BinaryII+ and download it. Many Mac folks use "Stuffit Expander" because
it will single handedly [my spell checker says handedly is not a word]
expand files compressed by StuffIt (.sit), Compact Pro (.cpt), ZIP
(.zip), and ARC (.arc) archives; AppleLink (.pkg) packages; gzip (.gz),
Unix Compress (.Z), UUencoded (.uu), MacBinary (.bin), and StuffIt
SpaceSaver files. So one application does the work of many!

If this does not make sense to you, do some reading on the subject of
compression and it's use on the internet. Also read some of the netscape
"readme" documents.


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