RE: Previously no subject-Mac Users, Provide more info!

U2 (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 07:51:44 -0800

>1. It seems to work only with the 68K version of CUseeMe version 0.83b3
>but not the PPC version. Is that correct? If not, am i doing something
>2. Neither of the two ftp or urls listed in "About Cu-Seeme Talk" are
>active or work. Is there an alternate source of information about
>CUSeemeTalk, writing your own plug-in modules, etc?

More information would be helpful [once again <grin>]. You didnt =
mention which Mac you have (DO you have a 68k??). Don't try to =
connect with Cu-SeeMe to an FTP or WWW URL! You connect to a =
reflector. . . .

My .02=A2


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