reflector and nv
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 17:08:47 +0100

Can somebody help me to configure
a reflector o communcicate with nv?
how should I set the following parameters?

NV-UC-PORT 4444 UDP port number to communcicate with nv via unicast
; NV-MC-PORT port-num UDP port number to communcicate with nv via multicast
; NV-MC-IN multicast-addr
; multicast addr for receiving CU-SeeMe encoded video
; from nv via Mbone
NV-MC-OUT ttl 16
; ttl and multicast addr for sending CU-SeeMe video
; to nv via Mbone. If NV-MC-IN and OUT are both
; specified, multicast address must be identical.
; NV-STREAMS number-streams
; max number of video streams to send to any nv
; unicast client. Default is 4.

Thank you


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