HELP! very poor pix at 24k on Mac

newland (
Mon, 20 Nov 95 14:12:51 CST

Hi, I have been a CUSM for PC user for a year now, but have recently
brought my brother and his Mac into the CUSM world and we are having
some problems ... I am hoping somebody can spot these and pass on
a known fix.

We have CUSM (latest) installed on his 12mb LC-II (68030) and his
monochrome powerbook (68040 speed unknown), using 28.8k external
modem and Mac QuickCam. Everything installs and functions, we are
able to link up at 24k via reflector, internet direct, and even have called
point to point using SLIP with no name server entry. On both of these
machines, and using all 3 connection schemes, he can send clean pix
to my PC at around 1 fps, but my transmission to his end results in
a very slow, broken image (on his Mac) which takes 1 to 2 minutes to
fill in a complete picture after any major motion on my end (PC).
He gets a slow sprinkling of pixel blocks.

It appears he is missing most packets. If I send audio, he receives
nothing or a few snippets, and talk window is nearly useless, most
messages are lost. If we both stop sending video, the talk window
and audio are 100%. (Actually his end crashes after about 5 sec of
sending audio, but that's a separate problem).

I have connected my 386/25 4mb monochrome laptop via serial link at
19.2k to my big PC, and sent CUSM pix clearly at maybe 1 frame per
2 secs to the laptop, using Winsock SLIP with no name server entry
on both ends. We should be able to do the same thing with a direct
modem to modem call at 24k, but he always gets the slow pix updates.

I am out of things to try, is this a familiar symptom to anybody?
Please reply to this address or

Grant Newland