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>I have a Mac Performa 630CD with the modem and printer ports used by a
>modem and printer (obviously). I recently purchased a Quickcam, which
>must be used either by the printer or modem port; the Quickcam manual
>indicates that a switchbox of some sort can be purchased which allows
>toggling between the modem and Quickcam or printer and Quickcam if a
>serial port is unavailable. What are other Macintosh users doing in this
>case? (I can't imagine the alternative, which is plugging and unplugging the
>printer and Quickcam for port sharing, on a long-term basis). Is there a
>viable, low-cost switchbox of some sort on the market for the Macintosh?

There are several serial switch boxes available for the Macintosh that
will work fine. Bear in mind that you may want to use it on the printer
port (you CANT put it on the modem port because that is what you use to
get your internet connection I'm assuming) BUT if your printer port is
connected to an AppleTalk printer, switching wont be so easy. If the
printer is an AppleTalk device, it means your printer port is forming a
network connection to the printer. You cant just switch automatically
from the a network connection to a serial connection, you have to disable
the network first (go to the chooser and turn off AppleTalk). Then you
can switch. Also remember Apple does not recommend putting a switch box
on a network connection and I support that decision (YEARS of experience.
. . .trust me!!!). Shop around in Mac catalogs (MacMall, MacWarehouse
etc) and you may find a solution. -Caveat Emptor-


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