Re: UNICAST Launch options required?

Brian O'Shea (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 19:04:22 -0500

>Are any special lauch options like -broadcast required when using UNICAST
>and 4.0b3? I have not had much sucess UNICASTing several of my reflectors
>on HP, SUN and RS6000 platforms. Refmon tells me they are communicating,
>but nv/vat sessions don't see CU-SeeMe.
>Incidently, my nv/vat friends can only communicate with my CU-SeeMe session
>if we tie into an HP reflector. Similarly configured RS6000 and SUN
>reflectors (4.0b3) don't work.
> Thanks for any help or insights. -Joe Izen
There is a bug in 4.00B3 reflectors that does not allow NV to propogate to a
reflector connected via UNICAST-REF.

Say reflector A and B are connected with UNICAST-REF. NV client 1 connects to
A, CU-SeeMee client 2 connects to A and CU-SeeME client 3 connects to B.

CUSM client 2 sees NV client 1 and CUSM client 3

CUSM client 3 sees CUSM client 2

NV client 1 Sees CUSM clients 2 & 3.

So the downstream reflector is not receiving video from NV.

This has been fixed, among other things, in the commercial version, which is
in Alpha test right now.


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