NV modified/CUseeme/PAL

olivier PAGE (olivier@indy2.imt-mrs.fr)
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 17:56:51 +0100

I've modified NV for an Indy to work with
a PAL VCR connected to the standard video board.
It works fine ..
I can connect to a reflector, see another one
using my modified NV using the Indycam or a PAL VCR camera

I don't have any Cuseeme transmit device but ,
i think that if you connect a PAL VCR on a video board,
you can't use cuseeme... No ???

All i know is :
As a lurker , I can see the window about PAL/NV/Cuseeme encoding
but it stay grey ...

I'd like to know if it's a big work
to modify CUseeme to encode/decode PAL input.

I think all PAL devices users will send you Champagne or Foie Gras
to thank you...

If anybody wants my modified NV version, just mail me.
( I can only give you a SGI binarie or the modified sources )

Olivier P.
P.S: Sorry for my bad english ...