Cu-Seeme and windows 95

Kyle Nebel (
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 14:08:17 -0800

I recently upgraded from windows for workgroups to windows 95 and
while I can still send audio/video I am unable to receive. One of
the symtoms is the window for the remote site is displayed with the
splash screen and starts to paint the screen but stops after
updating only a few regions. We currently have two PC's set up, one
with workgroups and the other with win95, and one sgi as a reflector.
We are planning to set up another ten machines on-site and are
evaluating wether to stay with workgroups or upgrade. I am interested
in hearing if others have atempted windows 95, and what insights they
have developed as a result.

Kyle nebel
(810) 574-5852